Official unemployment rate has decreased by 0,3 of a percentage point to 32,6% in Q2:2023

The number of Not Economically Active persons decreasedby 1000 in Q2:2023 compared to Q1:2023

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The Power of Upskilling

We understand the frustrations of job seekers, and we’re here to offer a solution. Inspire SA is your gateway to a world of possibilities. We encourage you to consider the power of upskilling and self-improvement. In the face of adversity, acquiring new skills and knowledge can be the key to unlocking doors previously closed.

At Inspire SA, we provide a comprehensive listing of short courses tailored to your needs. These courses are designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in various fields, including our prominent PCITA pest control program. Our courses are accessible, affordable, and have been curated to address real-world challenges.

Our Partner Network Opportunities

NQF 4 & 5 Teaching Qualifications

Pest Control Training

Empowering Through Education

The emphasis on short courses tailored to real-world challenges is crucial. It allows individuals to gain practical skills and knowledge that can immediately improve their job prospects.


Empower Your Future

South Africans should prioritize upskilling to secure a more stable and rewarding income. Investing in your skills and knowledge can open doors to new opportunities, improve earning potential, and enhance overall financial well-being.


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